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Client Benefits Plan

The Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Services Board of Butler County oversees and pays for mental health and substance abuse treatment services for local citizen’s based upon need. The Benefit Plan provided by the Board is available to Butler County residents through a system of providers.

The Benefit Plan is the health plan that provides the public funds to be used in payment of mental health and addiction services. System providers cooperate so that a wide range of treatment options are available to individuals as they work toward recovery. These include, but not limited to counseling, medication, case management, housing, job training, and consultation with schools, social supports and development of everyday living skills.

The Benefit Plan is funded by your taxes and is here for you and your family. Voters have approved a mental health levy that generates revenue for mental health care in Butler County. Other major funding sources include Federal funds, such as Medicaid & Medicare, and funds from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Help is provided for people of all income levels. Priority is given to those most in need. You must be a resident of Butler County to participate in this Benefit Plan. Residents should secure the Board’s Quick Service Guide and select a provider. After choosing a provider, the citizen would complete Form 100 to determine the level of funding available which is based on a sliding scale fee schedule. The level of services would be determined by the professional opinion of a mental health/addictions clinician at the provider agency.  The provider would complete the necessary paperwork and processing that would secure funding for the services rendered to the resident.

In the event that a person in the county is experiencing a mental health crisis that person is recommended to call the county’s Crisis Hotline 1-844-4-Crisis.